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This Seventh Grade Lacrosse Goalie Gets Injured Playing With the Eighth Graders

This 7th Grade Goalie Hurt in 8th Grade Practice

 00:17 – Scott asks Coach Edwards for advice on how to talk with his son and coaches about changing the speed of shots during practice.

01:22 – A good goalie is hard to find, so they are sometimes forced to move up too quickly.

02:00 – What happens to lacrosse goalies when they are taken from their comfort zone and not well protected.

02:31 – Protecting the younger goalie is strongly emphasized, along with other tips on dealing with the age and strength difference.

03:13 – How practice can be improved by replacing lacrosse balls with tennis balls. It helps the whole team.

04:13 – How telling shooters to only shoot to a certain space will help protect goalies and hone the skills of the offensive players.

06:30 – Coach Edwards explains that when fear goes up, learning goes down.

09:50 – The concept of “pain with a purpose” on game day is explained.

 Hey, Coach Continued…

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How A Lacrosse Goalie Can Make The Most Of Bad Opponents

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How a lacrosse goalie can get better with no equipment

To join the number one lacrosse goalie coaching site on the planet click here.

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Breaking the Lacrosse Goalie of Bad Habits

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