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Do you need a tested, proven, lacrosse goalie coach who can help you take your game to the next level?

If you are a lacrosse goalie, parent of one, or a coach of a couple…and you’re looking for a solid, unbiased, coaching source that will help you create a recruitable lacrosse goalie…

…then joining one of Coach Edwards’ Lacrosse Goalie University programs may easily be the best decision you could make.

His programs run from “pleasantly affordable” to “steep”, but that’s because his track record of providing accurate and actionable coaching for lacrosse goalies is legendary.

Depending on what level of coaching you desire, he has a program for you and they are as follows…Silver, Diamond, and Platinum.  Please read below to learn about Silver, and then Diamond and Platinum.  Please keep in mind that each program builds on the other, meaning everything that is in Silver is in Diamond, and everything in Diamond and Silver is in Platinum.  Each program provides more one-on-one interaction with me as needed depending on how serious you are about your improvement.

(If you’d like the breakdown of what I cover in the Video Vault you can click here to learn more about Lacrosse Goalie University)


Our Gold membership is or goalies and parents looking for that little extra.
  • For those athletes serious about taking their game to the NEXT level you now have access to an unbiased coach to help guide you to your best season ever.
  • Get access to the Lacrosse Goalie University Online Coaching vault where you have access to hours worth of coaching footage to improve your game whenever you need it.
  • 2 x 30minute phone calls per month. Usually every two weeks. With Coach Edwards you can be held accountable to your goals. Get on the phone. Share your frustrations. Stay focused on your dreams and improve as fast as you can.
  • Unlimited coaching via email with priority response. If something comes up between calls, just email Coach. Good news. Bad news. Breakthroughs. Whatever the situation, Coach is here to help.
  • Stay a member as long as you need. Cancel at any time. Many of our elite lacrosse goalies are also elite in other sports as well and continue with coaching, but if you want to put things on hold, no problem.
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Our Platinum membership is for the recruit-level or collegiate goalie.
  • + Access to the Lacrosse Goalie University Vault of over fourteen hours worth of coaching footage.

  • + Priority/Unlimited email/text access with Coach Edwards

  • +4 x 30 Minute Monthly Phone sessions with Coach Edwards

  • +Recruiting analysis with Coach Edwards

  • +2x Emergency calls during playoffs.

  • +Weekly video review.

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For the Ultra Serious Lacrosse Goalie
  • 2x Everything in the Advanced coaching program.
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