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Should You Showcase or Go To A Skills Based Lacrosse Camp Instead?

In today’s episode Coach Edwards answers a question from a lacrosse goalie in California whether he should go to a showcase event or attend a skills based lacrosse camp. This isn’t always an easy decision but something to think about is, if you’re wondering if you should go to a showcase or not, you probably shouldn’t.

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Showcase Events Are More About Marketing Than Substance

While I appreciate the marketing efforts that go in to selling Showcase events as a legitimate opportunity to get ‘seen’ I find the value for a goalie who still needs to develop quite suspect. For a lacrosse goalie to improve there must be tremendous amounts of quality feedback at EVERY playing opportunity. With that in mind, most Showcase events are a waste of a lacrosse goalies time.

Build Your Weaknesses Then Showcase

I once heard a program director tell an eleven year old lacrosse goalie that his development would “suffer greatly” if the family did not fork over $3000 to attend a showcase tournament for “rising stars”. I couldn’t believe my ears and questioned the sincerity of the program director at that point.

Decide what weaknesses you have as a lacrosse goalie by getting quality feedback and then invest strategically in improving your abilities so that you are a recruit worthy goalie. You won’t be recruitable if you have weaknesses so make sure you take care of that first, then Showcase.