Welcome to Lacrosse Goalie Tips.com.  I’m Coach Edwards, your host and head coach of the number one lacrosse goalie coaching resource on the planet. Seriously.

We have thousands of lacrosse goalies, parents, and coaches from around the World.  At last check it was over forty countries and I’m pretty excited about that.

I started my lacrosse goalie newsletter way back in 1998 as a way to stay in touch with a handful of lacrosse goalies that I coached.  From that handful of lacrosse goalies my newsletter was shared from one to another to another, and it’s just taken off since then.

This is a labor of love from me.  You’re not going to hear me promoting some camp, or trying to get you to invest in one more recruiting event.  That’s not my way.  I would rather focus on providing you with quality, unbiased information and on this website there is tons of lacrosse goalie tips and drills.  You’ve come to the right place.

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As a bonus, I’ve included Three of the worst tips you should avoid at all cost.  If your goalie coach is telling you to do these things you should run.

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