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Should You Take a Break From Lacrosse?

Introduction Hey everybody, Coach Edwards here from LacrosseGoalieTips.com and I got a great question this week from Tom in Maryland. Tom’s a dad. His daughter is in junior high school and they took this fall off from her travel team for lacrosse and she’s playing...

How to Improve Reaction Time In Lacrosse Goalies

How to Improve Reaction Time 0:20 – Taylor is worried about her reaction time and has reached out to Coach Edwards. 0:41 – See, Know, and Move. Coach Edwards’ 3 Keys. 1:20 – To make a save, the timing is important. 1:28 – Wire your brain to improve your reaction...
Podcast – Knowing the Rules

Podcast – Knowing the Rules

0:11 – Kids know the basic rules, but do they know the ones that they can take advantage of? 0:52 – Restarts are a great way to help your team and get an easy clear. 2:49 – Knowing how the refs are trying to control the game is useful for a lacrosse...

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