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Coach Edwards explores the ins and outs of the Lacrosse Fit Trainer and encourages goalies to utilize this piece of equipment in their training. He breaks down its brilliant design and gives athletes tips on using the trainer the best way possible to increase their goaltending skills.

0:52 – Putting weights in your stick if you’re slow to the ball is damaging.
1:31 – Resistance is the key to proper movement training.
1:55 – The Lacrosse Fit Trainer is the best sport-specific trainer out there.
2:37 – Why the Lacrosse Fit Trainer is brilliant and goalies should have it.
3:39 – Why it’s important not to overdo it with the Lacrosse Fit Trainer.


Hey guys, it’s Coach Edwards here with and Welcome to all our Lacrosse Goalie University members that just joined. Our silver, our diamond, and our new platinum member that joined this week. I really appreciate having you.

Coach Knows What’s Best For You

Check this out. The guys at sent me this fabulous piece of engineering. As a strength and conditioning coach, for those of you that don’t know I was an Olympic athlete and a Strength and Conditioning coach as well. I ran a Strength and Conditioning business for a number of years, working with Olympic athletes, high performance athletes. I know a thing or two about movement preparation and increasing your skill as a goalie.

Why Not To Weight Your Stick If You Think You’re Slow

It’s one thing to go, “I need to make a save – why aren’t I making it?” It’s another thing to know how to get in the gym and how to work with equipment to basically make you better as a goalie. And this is probably the best tool I’ve seen so far. A lot of people will mess up. They think, “Okay, if I’m slow to the ball, I need to put lead in my stick,” or they’ll put sand in their stick, and that really ruins the movement pattern of how to save the ball. The weight is basically just making the gravity of your stick heavier. But that weight is going down.

Resistance Is The Key In Training

What we really need as we move to the ball is we need resistance behind us, or as we’re moving down to a stick-side low shot, we need to be able to resist our stick or our body so we can basically add resistance to the proper movement to make that save. That’s what the Lacrosse Fit Trainer does. I love this thing.

The Design Of The Best Lacrosse Goalie Trainer Out There

Let me explain it real quick. This is basically an oversized bungee cord that is encased in high ballistic nylon so that the bungee cord won’t fray. If you’ve ever snapped a bungee cord in your face – not fun.

On one end of this cord is a carabiner, a really cool black carabiner, and what you can do is you can affix this to the net, you can affix it to the channeling fence in your backyard, you can affix it to the doorknob on your bathroom door, the backstop at the baseball diamond – you name it, this is what you’re going to anchor to.

What Makes The LacrosseFit Trainer Brilliant

What makes this brilliant – on the other end, there is a carabiner affixed to this fabulous high-performance plastic with this interior red, again, more plastic that floats inside there. There’s a rubber gasket, and this is where the Lacrosse Fit Trainer beats every other trainer hands down. That little rubber gasket allows you to put this on your stick where it matters most – and that’s right here. You can affix this right on top of your shaft, and that allows you to leave the head of your stick on.

You can even throw with this thing if you wanted to. You load this up, you attach it, you can even throw a ball with it. But for the most part, you can leave the head of your stick on and you can move to the ball to all the spaces with resistance.

Lacrosse Fit Trainer Is The Best But Don’t Overdo It

You don’t want to overdo this, and I’m probably going to work with these guys and we’re going to get a DVD going down the road on how to use this to the best of your ability, but the bottom line is that the Lacrosse Fit Trainer in my mind is the best sport specific lacrosse goalie trainer out there, and you’re going to want to use this. Not all the time – you just want to add this to your repertoire. This is a high-quality piece of equipment. This is going to last you a long time. You would have to really beat on this thing and do some pretty bad stuff with it to have it fall apart on you, but by all means the Lacrosse Fit Trainer is something I fully endorse. Go check it out.


I’m Coach Edwards at If you have any questions for me about training or about your goaltending, check me out at, shoot me an email, and if you’re looking for goalie coaching on a day in, day out basis to keep your season up and running, and you’re looking for a respected goalie coach who can help you, shoot me an email and check out our coaching tab at And by all means, join Lacrosse Goalie University. I’d be happy to see you in there. And again, go check out and if you’ve got any questions, by all means, I’m here. Good luck! Bye.

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