In today’s video, Coach Edwards dissects a lacrosse goalie who drops his hands prior to making a save. You may have heard your coach tell you to not drop your hands, but in some cases it can just be part of following the shooter and making a nice fluid move. Watch this vide and be sure to leave a comment below.


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[00:08:04] . OK. So thanks for the great question this week. If you’re in you know one of things I recommend to everybody is take advantage of www.lacrossegoalieuniversity.com. All right. One of the things, I’ve put everything I know as a coach on that Web site and if you want it and also when you are member you get a free Golie Critique. So you get to send me a video and I critique it and I will tell you what I think you need to work on. All right so to take advantage of that head on over to www.lacrossegoalieuniversity.com and or, you can join right a t the link above this video on our website. But I would be happy to have a look and have you in there and coach you like I do many goalies from across the world which is very sweet. All right so Coach Edwards www.LacrosseGoalieTips.com, if this video helps you do me a favor, like it share it. Be sure to subscribe on YouTube and send this to somebody that you know needs it.

[00:08:56] And if you have a question for me, you can email me at coachedwards@LacrosseGoalieTips.com

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