Question: My son play goalie for his high-school LAX team and stand about 6ft  I was wondering what you would recommend his stick length to be, a balance of being able to maneuver in the net yet interfere with passes.

Answer: Mark my stick is 46″ in length and I’m 5’8″.  This is the shortest I would ever go.

At that length it is 68% of my total height.  My recommendation is to keep total stick length (including head) between 68 and 73% of total height in inches.  Start on the high end, and then go shorter in one inch increments until you find the right length for your son.

For a six foot tall goalie that would mean 52.5 inches on the long end and 49 inches on the short end.

I wouldn’t trade length for cutting down passes if it makes stopping the ball awkward.  This is remnants of old school thinking that a goalies stick should be able to cut down passes like a defender would. A goalies primary objective is to stop the ball.  At six feet your son has good height already to help knock down passes without sacrificing body position.  But you should never add inches to cut down passes if those inches restrict the goalie from stopping the ball or dodging and passing out of the cage.

Hope that helps!  Let me know how it goes.

Jonathan –  The Goalie Guru

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