Coach Edwards here with a new article. I’ve been so busy lately with our Lacrosse Goalie University members that I’ve been slow to post to the blog, so I apologize for that.

But I wanted to share a great email I got from a parent named Bill whose daughter is an accomplished soccer goalie. She’s had a series of concussions from soccer and wanted to know, if his daughter switched to playing lacrosse goalie, would she be susceptible to more concussions. My answer is below:

Dear Bill, thanks so much for the great question. As a former soccer, hockey and a lacrosse goalie, I’ve got a pretty unique perspective for you.

Here’s my fast answer: lacrosse goaltending is definitely quite a safe place for your daughter to play, and I feel her chances of getting a concussion in lacrosse is quite slim.

That being said, it could happen, but it is very rare. The fact that a female lacrosse goalie is helmeted, doesn’t leave the crease that much, and there is no checking in the women’s game, leaves a goalie quite safe and sound in the crease. And while a women’s goalie can leave the crease to run, it is also rare, and is also a safe environment.

Of the three sports I played men’s goalie in, I was the least injured in lacrosse. In soccer I dislocated a finger and shattered my nose. In addition to ruining my shoulders from diving to the ground. In hockey I took so many pucks to the shoulders they also created long term injuries in addition to being kicked in the head by an errant skate once.

In lacrosse, the extent of my injuries really boiled down to bruises from balls and a torn quadriceps.

As a parent, and a coach, I understand your reasoning in helping your daughter look for an outlet if soccer is out of the question. Her atletic background from soccer will give her the backbone to be a solid lacrosse goalie. Her biggest weakness will be her stick skills, but with some very disciplined work she can catch up quite nicely. I’m a big believer in dreams and attitude and feel that if your daughter is motivated that she can have a very successful transition to lacrosse.

I wish her the best Bill and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best to your daughter.

Coach Edwards

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