Lacrosse Goalie Products and Resources

Lacrosse Goalie Products to help you improve your save percentage and take your game to the next level.

I take a ton of pride in helping lacrosse goalies, parents and coaches to get better.  That is why I don’t put out a ton of random products just to make a quick buck.  This is the beginning of a long relationship to help you get better so keep that in mind.

If you have any questions about any of the products and resources I have to offer please don’t hesitate by submitting a question via the contact form below or emailing me directly.  I look forward to helping you improve your game.

Membership Sites:

Lacrosse Goalie University: The most comprehensive video vault of lacrosse goalie coaching tips, tricks and hacks.

Year Round Lacrosse Goalie Camps:

Have you ever wished you could go to a lacrosse camp…right now?  Would you like to come work with me in a very small group format at your convenience?  Click here to learn more about Year Round Lacrosse Goalie Camps and Coaching.

DVD’s and Online Portals for Instant Access

How To Coach a Young Lacrosse Goalie  Everything you need to know to coach a young or new lacrosse goalie male or female.

The Ultimate Guide To Lacrosse Goalie Communication;  Command your defence.  Improve your goals against.  Make more saves.”  Everything you need to know about making the right calls, to who, and when.  Become the quarterback your coach wants you to become even if you’re quieter than a church mouse.

Lacrosse Goalie Mental Training Volume 1 and 2 DVD Set: All of the mental tips and tricks I learned from being an Olympic athlete in a completely different sport.  I applied these techniques and become an All-American and a Division 1 recruit and I know they will benefit you too.


The Ultimate Guide To Lacrosse Recruiting: An ebook for lacrosse athletes, parents and coaches who are looking to play lacrosse in college.


The Lacrosse Goalie’s Guide To Visualization:  Visualization is the untaught art that makes every goalie, and any level, better…faster than they ever thought possible.

Online Courses:

Coming Soon:  The Ultimate Guide To Becoming an Elite Athlete

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Do you have goalies that you coach?  Would you like to create some added revenue for your team?  Then why not become an affiliate for all of our products?  Earn generous commissions while spreading the world of Coach Edwards and all of his educational materials for lacrosse goalies. Become an affiliate by clicking here:  Affiliate sign up.

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