Dear Coach Edwards

My wife and I just want to say thank you so much for what you do with your site. The world of lacrosse goaltending lacks someone with your unbiased advice and genuine interest to help improve the game.  Keep it up.

John and Kim

Parents, Maryland

I’ve been reading your site for the last couple of months after finding your videos on youtube. I found them hugely helpful compared to every other coaching video I watched on youtube before coming here and as soon as I could afford to I signed up for Lacrosse Goalie University. I have been loving every video on that site so far as well.

Gareth H.

Goalie, Coventry, UK

Goalie Guru, My son is in his 2nd year of lacrosse and first year in High school JV… you have been spot on in your topics of the day… asking and answering questions that we might have and not know how to express…your help has been great…Keep it up

John S.

Goalie/Parent, Ashland, VA

We have really enjoying the goalie-focused web site and emails from the Goalie Guru. It’s nice to have a resource like this as there’s not too many lacrosse goalie experts around. Thanks!

Sean N.


Hi Coach Edwards
Just an update Mia is doing awesome using the rope and all the info you gave us in the video’s.  She is saving at 63% and yesterday’s game was 82%. We are 9-0 in our league right now.
Thanks again


Parent, Ohio

Dear Goalie Guru, I really appreciate you helping all the lacrosse goalies out there. As a former player, coach and parent of a goalie I came to realize that understanding lacrosse is not the same as understanding the goalie position. Your website/blog is by far the best resource I have found on the net and I recommend it to any coaches or goalies looking to improve their understanding of the position. Keep up the good work!

Andrew M

Parent/Coach, Upstate, NY

I found your site lacrosse goalie tips. over the past year I have found numerous tips and suggestions that have increased my sons confidence and knowledge about the goalie position. I would highly recommend this site to anybody that is looking for advice.

Patrick H.

Goalie/Parent, Jefferson NY

I feel like all the information is well thought out, easy to understand, and helpful.

Matt C.

Lacrosse Coach, North Carolina

Thanks to Coach Edwards advice in his Goalie Guru blog and the youtube videos I have been able to see Lax Goaltending from a different perspective. Sometimes it is really hard to be a goalie, especially if you don’t receive enough attention in practices and little to no one-on-one coaching. Being the only goalie of the girls’ team my coach often had me practicing with the guys. It really scary (I mean no woman shoots the way a grown-up man does) and he didn’t ask the to take it easy on me. Thanks to Coach Edwards advice I realized that this was stupid and wrong, as my fear was starting to hinder my goaltending. Thanks to him I was able to explain to my coach why this was not a good way for me to work on my goaltending. He saw the reason it what I (and Coach Edwards) was saying and changed my routine. Most of all, however, I loved the article on keeping your own score. I used to feel pretty lousy since my team was loosing quite terrible (there was a memorable 1:24 loss). Since then I have started to calculate my savings percentage and have been so much happier with my games. All in all Coach Edwards has helped me to become a more confident and happier goalie.


Goalie, Cologne, Germany

Your the only goalie on the internet who will help with specific problems, and though I haven’t come across anything you haven’t covered I’m sure the day will come, and when it does I’ll know who to flick an email. A+

Patrick H.

Goalie, New Zealand

thanx 4 the email. just to let you know i am a girls lacrosse goalie, and have been fro 3 years. i play at the 8th grade a team level, with some of the best teams in the state (since our team is very competitive and successful). I joined ur website 2 get some tips, because goalie is like 80% mental, and you learn that the minute you step in the goal. I rly enjoy your website, and i hope it continues to flourish!



The website is amazing! I started goalie not too long ago and when ever I have troubles this site is where I go to. All of the tips and tricks to help become a better goalie is really helpful and beneficial. I’m so glad that that this site exists!

Lexi C.

Goalie, Colorado

As the parent of a goalie and the goalie coach for his team I don’t have years of experience to bring to the field. Jonathan – The Goalie Guru has given me valuable tips, suggestions and ideas to improve the play of my son and the other goalies on his team. Immediately after signing up for his news letter I found great ways to deal with goalie issues and improve everyone’s play. When I have had questions or need more information it has been impressive how quickly and thoughtfully he has answered my emails. I am spending the next few week video taping my son and will be sending it in shortly.

Jeff S.

Parent/Coach, Chester NJ

Jonathan, As the father of a girl’s youth goalie there is a real lack of information for skill development. Your site is a great source of consistent and explained information. Thanks for your efforts.


Parent/Coach, Wilton CT

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