I have read your articles about long distance running affecting goalies in a negative way. I am now a rising senor in high school and plan on playing in college, but I also plan on doing NROTC Marine Option. This type of ROTC requires me to run three miles, fastest being 18 min, and because this is a competitive scholarship i need to get close to that time. So I wanted to ask for your advice on how to counteract this long distance running so it does not negatively affect me in lacrosse.
Thank You for your time,

Answer: Matt the type of training you will be doing will be ok.  Those are six minute miles which are intense.  Also, your other training will make you a well conditioned individual.  That being said, what I would add when you are doing your ROTC training is to lift heavy and explosive.  Your ROTC training is mainly endurance type training but if you add heavy lifting to parts of it you will be training those fast twitch muscles that are vital to being a goalie and that are only stimulated by lifting fast and/or heavy.  When you do pushups do them for speed as well as endurance.  Work towards your hundred push ups but also do sets for time.  Thirty seconds.

What will happen by lifting heavy is that not only will you get faster, you will have more reserve to endure.  Go check out as well as for some great resources.  Good luck!  You’ll be one of the fittest goalies on the field no question.

Jonathan –  The Goalie Guru



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